How to pack products

How to pack products

Package Type


Our standard box size (width x length x height)
Size: 31 W x 32 L x 24 H
Size: 32 W x 46 L x 26 H
Size: 46 W x 32 L x 40 H
Size: 49 W x 39 L x 47 H
Size: 45 W x 55 L x 40 H
Box of 25 kg Size: 46 W x 64 L x 42 H
Size: 50 W x 60 L x 50 H
Or order by size.



CRATE are generally used to pack products for maximum security from damage. Good for broken products. Reduce risk of loss.
Service charge based on size of product.



CASE box Suitable for large and heavy goods. Packaged wooden crates will help customers reduce costs over solid wooden crates. The crate is another option for customers.
Service charge based on size of product.



Our pallets are both wooden and plastic. Used transport
It is very easy to move.
Booms can be arranged in order to facilitate stacking and help organize the package. Small size


1. Choosing Box Quality
Used box will lose strength. Make sure that the box you use is strong and in good condition.
2. Avoid space
Using too much padding will reduce the strength of the stacking. Avoid using boxes that are larger than parcels. Because of the risk that the box will lose shape from being pressed.
3. The box is very heavy.
We can accept boxes weighing up to 70 kg without the need for pallets. But please label "Very large parcels" on boxes weighing more than 23 kg.
4. H H sealing
H (H) sealing tape with proper adhesive tape on both top and bottom of the box. And use a strap for a heavy box.
5. Label clearly.
Remove the old label. Label the new label on the top of the box. To keep the bar code smooth. (Not folded at the edge of the box)